Sunday, 12 July 2009

new tags : july 09

These are tags i've made recently: hope you like


O is for oriental

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Tag swap

Hi again,

done some tags for Rachel's swap and done a theme is corests and dresses. hope you lik
luv jen xx

Alphabet challenge

Hi all,

been busy and caught up got all from a to m this weekend :) hope you like.

luv jen xx
A is for angel: used distressed inks and angel stamp
B is for beauty: thought of doing one distressed and one with idea of pop art.

C is for champange: just loved the pic :)

D is for dog: thought of doing a collage.

E is for earring: added some earrings on.

F is for fashion: had a dress stamp

G is for geisha: put a geisha stamp with red glitter and pearls.

H is for hearts: red glitter :)

I is for imangine: a geisha with a futuristic wings on face.

J is for Joy

K is for kiss

L is for love: in this tag it is about how the stamped lady dreams of being paris as a rose.

M is for Masquerade.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sunday stamper challenge 1.2.09

Hi all

made a fat book page with the theme "brown", I thought of going for like brown . Used cuttle bug embossing plates and used colour box cat's eye ink pads and archival brilliance coffee bean pigment ink pad. hope you like the fat book page. luv ya jen xx

getting back into crafting in 2009

Hi all,

been really busy recently with family, guides and friends. Made my first skinnys, which are 5 by 3 inches on card. I made 3 skinnys all using Linda Luckin's flourish stamp set along with other stamps and other things i like from my mum (dm). hope you like all of them luv ya Jen x

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

happy new year and new things

Hi all, happy new year to everyone,
as some of you know, i got engaged on Christmas day, the happiest day in my life and hoping the day to be around 2010/ 2011 hopefully in autumn time

luv ya jen xxx